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In this project the Broker wanted an out of the box experience to promote their Residental Condo, so we created an immersive Virtual Reality experience, that combined with our multi sensorial techcnology made the customers, really See, feel, touch and even smell the enviroment! It was a Huge sucess!
The vídeo that we show is just the very first promo vídeo.
The full experience clip is being created by our team and has soon as we have it ready we upload it here and in our main Social media Platforms! Stay tuned!

If don’t want to wait just conctat us so that we can show you more examples of this, and way more Innovative and Immersive Technologies!

SIP 2019

Oh boy do we miss the Real estate Public Events.

This was one of our very last public events that we presented our technologies, in here we we’re invited by the very own President of the Association of Real Estate Professionals and Companies of Portugal (APEMIP) Dr. Luís Lima to help him promote an Real Estate Luxury Property and show how can Virtual Reality and Augmented reality change the whole Real Estate World!

Check the small promo vídeo to see a small part of what happened!

22 Moradias by SP Arquitectos

In this project the architect wanted an interactive experience from the get go, because he wanted to test his own Design even before his client ever knew what the final drawings were.

So we used the Virtual Reality Technology to make it immersive to the Architect, with that he was able to dectect early drawing problems and was able to change it making the final Result absolutly Brilliant!